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What you should know about social media marketing

You may think that just making some social media campaign is as easy as making some fan page on Facebook and posting some of your stuff. Nope, you are not going to be successful in this much easy. You will soon recognize that this method is not that effective as your thought.

In reality, we should not be talking about social media at all until we discuss the objective of a social media campaign. As blogger or affiliate, your main purpose is to capture reader to your website from the social media so they become a permanent community member of your blog rather than just a passerby. As you may know that you can sell to the one time passerby, but a community is the permanent and a huge place to sell regularly. So rather than targeting a onetime visitor, try to focus on making a good community. The big the community on your blog, the huge value of your blog.

There is some hidden danger of social media that you should be aware of. First of all making, a social media community on the social sites means that the momentary value of your blog is not in your hand or you don’t have the full control over it. Though I have more than 150,000 people following my one of blog page on a social media, the social media makes my post reach up to 50,000 people. And guess the reason, I need to pay for the reach of my page posts. So what happens, overnight I just lost a huge amount of my audience.

What I would say is, the fastest way to build an effective community via an email list. You should not be emailing people too often or too late. There should be a balance of time. You can choose it by your sense of humor. You should not sound spammy or people will stop reading your emails or even can be marked as spam. And I guess you know what happens when you get spammy. Always to provide value to your subscribers. If your emails are valuable and get the attention of your subscriber, you will immediately get a good amount of sell. Nothing is as valuable to a professional blogger as his/her email list. This is so important that I AM SAYING IT 3 TIMES.

Your email list is so valuable that you should treat it very carefully and try not to lose any subscriber without a proper reason. If your emails are valuable, then you will find that people are reading your emails and coming to your website and you are having a blast of sell. But besides that, you might also want to use certain social media. By the time you will find that some social media out there really helps to get your site up. But you need to be sure which one is that.

Here is a list:


Almost everyone is using Pinterest nowadays. And I say Pinterest is a very good place to get some traffic to your website. I myself have the page on it and believe me it drives much visitors to my sites every day. You will find almost all types of people on in who loves to read blogs and are looking to read articles or reviews before buying any products online.


Many people like twitter but personally, I do not use it that much. This does not mean Twitter is not good to get traffic. I have seen some of my friends making a good amount from Twitter. If I tweet, then I can see that around 15-20 clicks on the post and some. And if you are not a big shot in it, probably most people will not see your stuff there because of the huge amount of tweets are there.

Google Plus

As we all know that not everyone on Google Plus yet. But I use it and see that many people using it regularly and it’s a good place to make a huge community. And its true Google always helps you to get the best of your blog if that is unique. Developing a following on Google Plus is more powerful because it means that they are more likely to +1 your articles. When you make a post on Google Plus, it means that Google already acknowledged that they are taking +1s into account when determining search engine rankings


Well, I would say LinkedIn is a good place to make a solid community if you are making a website on business. I know some people who will go nowhere else in case of making a social community. Because they think this is the place to do real business with some classy people. And I think it’s true in a way.


I know you have been waiting for me to talking about Facebook. I really don’t like Facebook in case of making a fan page. Facebook will never give you traffic for free. They even confined post reach to limited people until you pay them their fee. I am not going to talk about this much, if you already used it, you know what I am saying. But if you have enough to spend on Facebook, then I sure you will get a good amount of visitor or community from it…

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