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Tricks to get most traffic to your blog post

You are already a good blogger but don’t really know how to get good traffic on your post or how to write a suitable one? Then let me help you with the following simple tips which will surely increase the traffic in your blog post.

I have written tons of post online. And experienced what is the reason what you get less traffic on our posts. Find out the reason and see my most of the post get the most traffic on all my websites. I have seen the statistics of traffic both the short and long articles on my different websites. Learned about how to change my writings and attract people. Below are the statistics results of most of my high ranking articles.

Creative idea and fresh contents are best to get good traffic. Try to think about something new to discuss. Something that people never heard on some other websites. Something that is helpful and valuable information to people. Do a bit search before writing on new topics and see how much resources are available online. If you have written something that is available on most of the websites or readers read it before, believe me, that post is not going to do well.

A catchy and epic heading of the post which describes what types of an article is that is the best. Always try to make a title which is easy to understand and describes the core of your post. A good title is always best for search engines to find your post. I have written a post on “A simple note on Basic SEO”, read this one for more details.

Length of the post does matter as I always tell through my articles. From my experience long articles more than 600 words and filled up with tons of valuable information gets the most traffic. Google does not count articles that are less than 600 hundreds words! From my perspective, I would say write an article on average 1,300 hundred words! Wait, this does not mean that short articles do not do well on Google. It totally depends on the popularity of the blog. I have seen articles like 300 hundred words get huge traffic, that because that blog is established and have a trust in a great user community.

From my experience, I have seen that an article of 500 words gets 7,000 page views where an average 1,300 thousand get almost 60,000 page views. And of course, don’t just write meaningless long articles just because you have to write long. Make sure you did your research on the topic and it has the necessary information to attract readers. Be ready to give a good amount of time for writing a post. I usually take 3-4 hours to write an article and a day to do some research on the topic

Link to another authoritative website through your post. This is always a good idea to tell Google that your article on the important topic and you want to help people with more information. Google loves this. It’s a general rule to link 3-5 website links to your post if needed. There will be some readers who will like to read more information about your topic if they are not satisfied with the information you provide. So try to help them. Search engines will help you to find your traffic.

This method helps SEO, drives more page views to your website, and gives users more place to go if they need to learn more. The best way to find a previous article is to do a Google search like this “keyword for the topic you need to find:”.So if you wanted to find a previous article on “Rock Climbing – Here is How to Get Started” then search like this “Rock Climbing – Here is How to Get Started:”.It might seem hard the first time but try few times and you will be good to go.

Including a photo with your blog post. It is always a best practice to add a related and interesting post image with the post. You can use the images as the featured images for the post on top of the article or even in the middle of the post. Make sure you have the copyrights of the images that you are using on your post. Or you can just use a stock photo which you hold a valid license to use that. Try to find out websites that provide copyrights free images.

Before I finish off, let me give a free suggestion, never lose hope and work hard. You will see your traffic on your post. Give some time to search engines to trust your post. And NEVER EVER DELETE any post unless it becomes completely useless.

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