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Start Years of passive income today-What you should do and how can you start?

We all work hard for countless hours to become rich. What actually happens, in reality, is that you make some other people rich instead of getting ourselves rich! Don’t agree? It happens all the time that when you get a paycheck, the previous one is already gone. The answer is pretty simple it’s passive income. You have a limited amount of your lifetime and trading most of this precious time for a little bit of money is not a very good deal for you. This is the reason every rich man I have met in my whole life till now do this one thing to change the equation. That one thing is passive income. So I have put together some best passive income ideas which will help you to get started.

Each idea on this list is something that you can do in about a month or two to earn a passive income for years to come. And if you do them correctly, you will come back here to say thanks to me. I would like to encourage you to spend some of your time and do a bit research on it and get started. One of this ideas can change your life if you take this seriously and act according to it.

Start a Passive Income Website Today

This is the actual thing that I and we (my team) do full time. From the beginning, I hated doing jobs for other people. Always wanted to do my own business. When I found out about passive income website does a lot better than a regular job, I did not even hesitate for a second. Started it straight away. Here are some website ideas, if you chose the right keywords than 20-25 articles is just enough for you to start the income.

Selling Affiliate Products -> This idea works like this way, you link to products that other people are already selling (on Amazon, Walmart or other sites) and you can earn a commission on every sale you made.

Information Products –> Take some of your contents and gather them together and organize them into a premium content package. You can make it in the format of a written guide, audio guide, or video courses. Just make it the way you think will work most effectively. You start selling this into your website for the people who want the premium information and this way you start making a good income.
You will soon find that the selling gets more interesting over time. Give some more work to increase the sell. The common mistake people make is they quit too soon. People make 25 articles and built the website and after 3-4 months, they don’t see the result, so they just delete the website and loss everything. As I told several times that even Google takes 6 months to trust a website and to rank it. Then why people? This is a BIG MISTAKE. Never ever delete a website. Just keep it there.

Advertising -> once you get some pretty good traffic to your site, you can apply for some advertising program. Among this Google AdSense is most popular and worth of hard work. Telling you when you will get approved by Google AdSense things are going to be more and more excited. Google AdSense pays a good amount to their Absence partners.

Start a YouTube Channel

Well, I have a YouTube channel but I use it most of the time to make other technical stuff tutorials. I never really used it for affiliate marketing. I know what YouTube is one of the best places to get traffic from to your blog, or even you can just start affiliate from there. No need a website to start passive income. I know some guys who get huge traffic from their YouTube channels to their affiliate website. Also found a guy on YouTube, Who just reviews various Amazon products and records them and put them on YouTube. And guess what? Millions of people are watching his videos. He just put the product link on the YouTube description and Boom. He is making thousands of dollars each day from his YouTube affiliate channel.

Just pick a topic if information that you like to talk about and then just start recording videos. Try to keep the video simple and informative. You can use your cell phone camera and use YouTube video editor to get started. Don’t even think about getting an expensive camera or editing software. Just start. When you will be making some good amount then you can go for some investments.

Once you post your videos and get some views you can monetize your channel and start making money. Before that don’t forget to read YouTube’s new monetization policy before getting started with it. You can also sell your own info products through your videos and get traffic to your websites as I talked before.

Start Writing an E-Book

Here comes the interesting thing I like most. So you are a person who is very much knowledgeable in a specific area. For example, let’s say you are a camper who likes to camp in different places and has years of experience in it. You have a blog on it and you write about camping and camping-related stuff there. So, how this helps you to write an e-book? Well as from my calculation there are tons of people who like camping or wants to start it.

But they don’t know how to start and where to start from. This is the point you stop and start writing a book on, let’s say “A beginners guide to camping-what you should know to get started with camping”. And that’s it. Put your years of experience on it. Keep the book simple and make it full of informative, all about camping and related stuff. When do with the book place it at the premium contents of your website. I am pretty much sure you will have a blast of sell. This is how you can start your passive income through an e-book.

This will be the lifetime passive income. By the time to time, you will get your paycheck.

You need to start investing when you are earning

Don’t be get too much excitement that you are making some income now. Because you need to go some more steps. It is always a good idea to invest some of your money for better business and to get some more income. What I did, when I first started my first income, I invested some from there to establish a new niche website. And started working on it and spending on it. And by the time I get more ways to make passive income.

Investments are the most important source of passive income. If you are not putting some of your money from your young age, then you are defiantly going to regret it later. Because you’re missing out on more money than if you miss just about any other opportunity. The age of investment is 25-45 is outstanding. And it’s the #1 way that most of the wealthy people a huge amount of passive income.

Here are some recommendations. You just need to look through the internet for good investment broker. If you are living in the USA then, TD Ameritrade or Fidelity are two great brokerages are the two best choices. They help you to make the good use of your money. This totally depends on your choice on which business or on what you want to invest depending on your surrounding area. My point is making a good investment from where you will get some good passive income.

Final thoughts

I have tried to give the best possible ways by which you can start a good amount of passive income for years. You will know the feeling when you will start getting your paycheck even after you have done some works years before. Well here is the total solution to passive income. Work hard and see the result. Best of Luck

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