Football-Eye Q

Case Study

Client’s goal: The project was to make an Football-Eye Q website on WordPress using Highend Theme. Client wanted to make a professional looking website to start his Football courses which will give his business a new brand look and a good amount of income.From the logo to banner and other graphics works on the website was done by me.

Platform: The website was developed by using Highend Theme in WordPress and used the WPBakery Page builder/Visual Composer.

My contribution: I design the website within 4 days and Client was very happy with his new website. The website is still successfully running.

Client Review: Tareque has worked tirelessly to accommodate all my requests. He made very good suggestions in the process which greatly improved the site. He was able to fix every problem & the site is now loading without issues. He was able to understand the WordPress theme and template with ease and found his way around without a problem. Highly recommend

  • Job : Agency Web Development
  • Client : Oliver Brinkmann
  • Year : September, 2018
  • Agency : Football-Eye Q