Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

If you happen to be looking for a right handed bow that is able to offer you a smooth and consistent performance, the Infinity Edge Bow Package might be just what you need. Not only is it designed to be comfortable and easy to use with your right hand, the Infinity Edge also includes everything you need to start lining up with your targets.


While this compound bow from Diamond Archery features a basic, durable construction, it does come with a sleek and professional design. The camouflage print allows it to easily blend in with your surroundings on hunting trips, and it also makes it look “cool” when you are target shooting.

What really makes the Infinity Edge bow stand out is its versatile design that is geared to be extremely comfortable for right handed shooters to use. The grip fits comfortably in smaller hands, and since the draw weight and length can be easily adjusted to a seemingly infinite number of settings the bow is perfect for kids, teens, and adults. The draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 70 pounds depending on the strength of the shooter, and the length can be shortened from 30 inches down to 13 inches for younger children. With the ability to grow with the shooter, this might be the perfect bow for all stages.


Even though this compound bow is designed for beginners, it still features a durable construction that experienced archers will appreciate. The bow just does not include some of the advanced technologies that can often be found in higher priced professional models. What you get is an affordably priced bow that features a sturdy construction that will last through years of use.

The parallel limb design gives the bow a sleek and professional appearance while also adding stability. This helps to prevent the bow from shaking and interfering with your aim. To give the bow additional strength the limbs are attached to the riser in pivoting pockets that also help to minimize vibrations that can throw your shot off. The sturdy riser is constructed from durable aluminum that is machined for added durability and to ensure smooth edges.


Some of the top rated compounds bows come with a dual eccentric cam system, and the Infinity Edge is no different. The cam system ensures a smooth draw and release without any jerking that can throw your aim off and ruin a shot. Along with the sturdy and smooth cam system this compound bow also boasts a maximum 310 feet per second. While this does require the draw weight and length to be at the maximum setting, it gives you enough power to make a humane killing shot. It should be noted that this bow is only capable of generating enough kinetic energy for hunting when you are using 350 to 425 grain arrows at higher draw settings.

This bow was mainly designed as a teaching bow, and this is reflected in how easy it is to draw and aim. The dual cam system ensures a smooth and consistent performance that won’t deviate with different settings.

Noise and Vibration

While noise is a definite concern for hunters, it should be noted that the Infinity Edge was designed for beginners and to use as a teaching tool. This has resulted in a lightweight and sturdy bow that is easy to draw and aim. To ensure the bow is light enough for younger archers a dampening system is not included. Since most novices aren’t hunting without plenty of practice, the noise level is rarely a problem.

Since this bow can be adjusted to be powerful enough for hunting, a string dampener can be easily added for a small fee. Not only will this muffle any noise, it can also help stabilize wobbly strings. It should be mentioned that the Infinity Edge is actually a quiet bow, and only emits a minimal amount of noise. Since it is designed as a teaching tool, the string on the bow is also resistant to shaking due to nervous hands.


  • The draw weight and length are easy to adjust for children and adults.
  • Its lightweight and sturdy construction makes it ideal for beginners and younger shooters.
  • Along with the 3.2 pound bow, the package includes a sight, quiver and arrow rest, along with a peep sight and string loop.


  • It should be noted that a string dampener is not included with this compound bow.
  • More experienced archers might not find the thin rubber grip as comfortable as the ones commonly found on higher priced compound bows.


The Infinity Edge is not only an excellent bow for children and beginners, it can also be used by experienced archers. It features a basic construction that is durable and long lasting, and it is designed to be easy and comfortable for right handed archers to use.

It comes with a lightweight construction that won’t cause arm fatigue in younger archers, but it is still strong enough to provide a 70 pound draw weight. The dual cam system ensures a smooth and reliable performance, and you will appreciate its versatile design. The draw weight and length can be adjusted as the strength and skill of the archer improves, and this also lets you use the bow almost anywhere. While it does not come with a dampening system, the package does include everything a beginner needs to get started.

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