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How your blog design should look like: The nicer it is the best it is? My thoughts…

So you are here to find out which design of your blog is best for readers or looks nice to people? You are in the right place then, because I myself is a web developer. I have spent countless hours of thinking and working on different blog website designs. Not only that also worked on hundreds of my clients’ blog websites as a web developer. And what I learned from my years of experience is quite funny.

Stop making your blog nicer!

Well, it’s the truth. Making a high-end design blog website does not help that much. You spent countless hours developing and making your blog site nicer and attractive design. But that does not really matter to the reads that much. Trust me it does not. After few months we redesign our blog site and that’s for nothing except some major coding changes or some bit design change. To the readers, the contents and its value only matters. How much valuable information you provide through your post that matters. Just need to make sure that you have a standard design which looks professional.

When I was working hard to make my website an excellent resource, I realized that I was doing the same thing what every other blogger doing every day. When our blog post gets published, when we add a new feature to the blog, when our blog site launched a new redesign, it looks like another day on the internet. Nothing special. Yeah, the new design may look attractive to some people who have the same taste as me but that is for few days. We will get used to the new design as before.

What you are doing at the end of the day your work will just look “nice”. For example, let’s say about This is one of the best affiliate websites out there. Did you ever check their design? Just simple and professionally clean. That looks “nice”. They focus on the simple design that is optimized for reading and to give a great user experience. They kept is doesn’t have a fancy or glamorous design to impress their readers. They impress people with their contents. Because contents are the sole priority, so the moral is to keep our blog simple and concentrate on valuable contents.

When I’m spending several days on a single blog post, I feel like I am making the best website on the planet. Or while developing a website I feel the same. I feel like my work and my business is remarkable. And at the end, I may be impressed with my work but it feels the same as before. The truth is my business is no different than others business online, just my way of telling “nice” is totally unique and different to me. To the readers or the visitors, it’s just another repository which has some valuable information that will help them in their daily life.

So while working today, this thought just came and it freaked me out. I had a fit, I can’t allow my baby to become “nice”! Let’s do something insane today that makes sense and is unique. Something that is out of the box that it demands you to ignore the “nice” business, websites, products, posts and social media status around it. Think something different that gives you the feeling that I’m doing something rather just making it nice.

Today take the lesson that you’re trying to make “nicer” in your business and make it very much unique that it is impossible for people to ignore it. Well, I have said much today. Let me know if you have something to suggest me in the comment box. In short, I also need some inspiration from you guys…

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