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How to install Windows 10 on Computer from Start

I know many of us afraid of installing windows. Some people thinks that if they try to install windows they might break their windows or something will go bad or things will not work properly. I even found some people who actually pay for installing widows in their machine. Because they are too afraid to do it themselves! Believe me not that complicated as people think it is.I feel it’s like drinking water.Yeah that much easy. Just follow me step by step and you will never pay people for installing your windows ever again.

Step -1: Buy and Download the latest windows 10 from Microsoft official website.

Step – 2: Make a bootable USB drive by using one of the tools that are available on the web or you can find the tools here on my article which is Best USB bootable software for windows. Buy a blank DVD and burn it using another computer. Windows 8 and 10 has the option to burn any blank disk from .iso files to bootable.

You know what? Just buy a windows 10 DVD from the stores who sells the windows. Make sure you buy the original windows from legal vendors or Microsoft stores.

Step – 3: Insert the USB on USB port or DVD into the CD ROM whichever you got. Restart the computer and press “Esc” or “F11” or “Del” key on your keyboard. Which One to choose depends on your motherboard manufacturer? Like Hp uses “ESC” but MSI uses “F11”Key! So find out which one is yours.

Step – 4: When you booted up successfully you will see the welcome screen where it will ask you to put the language, time and keyboard to select. See the bellow pcture.And click next.

Step – 5: Now it will show the screen with a button that says “Install now”. Click on it and start the installation.

Step – 6: Then you will see the screen that is asking for your windows product keys. If you previously used windows then just click on “I don’t have a product key”, by doing this windows will automatically activated with a digital license. Otherwise if you have the key then just put it here.Click next

Step – 7: In here you’ll see asking for “Which type of installation do you want?” Just select the custom one as you are freshly installing it.Now you’ll see the screen that’s asking for making partition for your hard drive. If you are installing it using the whole drive then just click on next. Partition will automatically made. But if you have previous partition, make sure which one is your previous c drive. Format the only c drive and select it and click install.

Step – 8: Windows will take few minutes to copy and install the files and can restart itself sometimes. Just sit back and relax.

Step – 9: After the successful Installation and restart Cortana will assist you with the next steps like selecting your region, selecting a second layout which is not necessary, will check for new updates, will setup your pc for personal or organizational use,will guide you through making and login in with Microsoft account, setting up pin,adding onedrive,selecting some privacy policy and finally you will see the whole process is done and you can use the windows now. See the pictures of these steps for better understanding.

Here is the pictures that comes after the installation completed and Cortana wIill guide you.

If you need any help just comment bellow. I’ll try to help you out.

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