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How to Install And Configure Woocommerce in WordPress

We all know that for developing ecommerce website on wordpress we need a plugin that support ecommerce functionality. Well for wordpress we have one which is called woocomerce.Today I’m going to tell you how you can install it and configure it in wordpress.Let’s start.

Follow the steps and you will be good to go.

  1. Log into your wordpress dashboard and and move to the section on left and side and click on “Plugins”. Here you will see all the plugins that are installed and activated or deactivated on your site. In this page on the upper left corner you’ll see the button which says “Add New”.
  2. Click on “Add New” Button and you’ll be redirected to the “add plugin” page where you can upload or add plugins online.
  3. On the left upper corner you will see a search box. Type in “Woocommerce” there. Wait a sec and you will see the plugin “Woocommerce”.Click on the “Install Now” Button.It will download and install the plugin for you.
  4. After the installation activate the plugin by clicking the “Active” button.
  5. While you clicked “Active” Button it will take you to the woocommerce configure page. Here you need to fill up the information about your store like where the store is based on (Like if your store is based on USA, then chose USA).Put the address of the store,city,Postcode,which currency your store going to use etc. When all done click on “Let’s go”.
  6. Next fill up the payment method that your store is going to have like stripe and PayPal.
  7. Fill up the shipping information.Like if you want to use a flat rate or free shipping for the countries you are going to ship products.
  8. Select the Weight parameters for your products here.Then click “Continue”.
  9. If you are going to add taxes, then this the option for you to work on. When done click “Continue”
  10. Now you will ask to enable Jetpack for some extra features which I think is not necessary right now. You can always use this later if needed. I’ll just skip this option.
  11. Finally woocommerce will ask you to subscribe to their newsletter.In this page you can see the options to create new (read my article on how to add products on woocommerce ) products and import products.I’ll just skipe this part and click on “Return to your dashboard”.

Congratulations! You have just successfully installed and configured woocommerce.Start adding products and start sell. If you want to know how to add payments methods on woocommerce read this article on how to add payment methods on woocommerce.

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