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How To Find The Perfect Pocket Knife For Your Use!

In this post I’ve talked about on how you can find a pocket knife that you are going to use for a long time.Knives are essential material for those who often goes for hiking or camping outside.Let’s have a detailed discussion on how you can find a perfect knife.If you are a person who rarely use knife then a multitool knife maybe the best option for you.But you may need to know that blades in this tend to be made from more cheaper steel than you can imagine.It is very hard to take the full advantage of this blades as their ways of folding is not that much friendly.You might need to use your two hands to handle the job which is very slow and can make you angry sometime.So Bellow are the things that you might need to consider before buying a pocket knife.

The Size of the Knife

Yes,size does matter in all cases.Longer blades will be able to do the job and will do it more quickly.The local regulations can limit the blade length.As an example I can say that Chicago limits blade length just to 2.5 inches.You will find that here cops will often use a visible knife as a excuse to search and stop you,Or if they can also stop you for another reasons as well,as to show justification to detain or to arrest you.It’s always your responsibility to avoid giving them as chance to do so.

The Style Of The Blade

Don’t think that all knives are sharp or even pointy things.There are so many ways that a blade can be constructed and that will make effect of their slicing performance,strength etc.Bellow I’ve given some common blades styles and talk about how they are differ from each other.Let’s have a look.

The Clip Point : All rounder.It’s upswept edge is best for slicing.It’s narrow and strong point is very good for penetrating this properly.

The Tanto Point : It almost looks like a Samurai sword which shines like the sun.It’s strong and reinforced tip is being designed for the penetration at expense of cutting the nest performance and practicality which will amaze you.

The Spear Point : The spear point is designed for the purpose of penetration.But retains the drop point which is known as “belly” for best slicing performance.

The Trailing Point : The all time best skinning knife with a weak tip.But now worry it will do the job done always.

The Hawkbill : Now-a-days you will always see these on Karambit-style for fighting knives which used for cutting the cordage and for harvesting plants etc.

The Straight Back : This is an all purpose knife which is good for chopping,slicing and cutting things.

The Needle Point : It’s just like a dagger.It’s usually good for nothing but it can be impressing for other mall ninjas.

The Pen Knife : Just like a pen!The shape of this blade was traditionally used for sharpening quills,hence the name.It’s nothing special but a good all rounder you can say.Example the Swiss Army Knives!

Along all these,all blades comes with their own different grinds.You will find that hollow or convex grinds on the high end,custom or semi knives and the taper grinds knives are typicall found on cheaper blades and prices.It depends all on you which one will you go with.


When it comes about knives,steels does a big role.So be careful while choosing a knife.If you observe carefully you’ll find that all knives are made with stainless steel.If you ask me which one to chose?I’ll say go for the easily-sharpen carbon steel which used for survival knives.Stainless blades makes the pocket knives a little less maintainable.The VG10 is great option which is easily sharpened and holds the edge well.S30V which holds the edge more better.You should not be paying more than $30 for any knife that does not lists it’s steel alloy and can’t stay still till long time.

Which one is good Plain or Serrated Edge?

You can easily sharpen the edges and will cut anything you ask to cut.Yes talking about the Plain edge knives.And as for the serrated edges blade,they are designed to cut cordage easily and they all are handmade materials.So which one you think is better?

Best Handle Materials

When it comes to hold the knife,you have to be careful.There are insane variety of materials used for making knife handles.You should be looking for something that provides good grip,rather than looking for smooth plastics which just looks awesome,look for textured material that’s more comfortable to handle and best if it’s made if wood!Don’t go for the slippery aluminum, titanium, bone or steel handles because these are less ideal to handle and to use.

Searching the total package?

Well I’m not a knife expert but what I’ve just said comes from my experience.You will find thousands of knife stores online.But I’ll say before buying a knife you should know before.There are plenty of websites which will suggest you to find the perfect knife.Among them this website which is called is the best I’ve ever found.Look through the website and you’ll have your answer.Good Luck!


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