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How to Create Webmail UsingYour Cpanel

I know you are also beginner like me, this is the reason you are here to learn how to make webmail. Web mail is extremely popular and useful if you have a website or business. A good email address of your website shows how professional you are in your business. You may have seen people using mail address following their business or website domain like this one, right? So let’s see how you can make it by just following simple 11 steps and it will just take you 5 minutes.

  • When you have purchased the domain and hosting the company gave you the cpanel link with username and password. Use those credentials to login to your cpanel account. Or if you don’t know the login page address just type in You will redirected to your cpanel login page. See the photos.

  • Enter your cpanel username and password there and hit enter.
  • When you are in the cpanel you will see a lot of options and things! Don’t be afraid just find out the option where it says “Email”. This email option has all the settings related to your Webmail accounts and so on. See photo.
  • Click on the link where it says “Email Accounts”. See Photo.
  • Now you will see the “Email Accounts” options where it shows few menus. Like, Add Email account, Email accounts, and Default Email account and configure options. See Photo.
  • Click on the “Add Email Account”. Here you will see total 6 options including email field, domain field, password field and mailbox storage option.See Photo.
  • In the “Email” field enter your email word like “info”.See Photo.
  • In the “Domain” field select your domain name (if you are having only one domain, then don’t need to.).See Photo.
  • Enter password r just Generate a password using the “Generate” option. Make sure to copy your password in a secure place.
  • Give the storage either limited or unlimited, you can give a specific storage in the limited field option. Now hit “Create account”
  • You will see the message “Success: Account “” created (View).”Now got to the menu (up) “Email Accounts”. Here you will see the email address you just created. Congratulations you have done making your webmail.See Photo.

To access the webmail account type enter the email name and password you created and select one of the interface among 3 that are shown on my video tutorial. I would like to suggest to select the first on horde one..this is the easiest and cool one.See Photos.

That’s all.If you have any questions let me on the comment section or on YourTube Comment box.


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