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How to Choose Most Profitable Niche : Beginners Guide To A Successful Niche Idea Website

When you are looking to create a niche website for the first time, it’s important to find the most profitable niche. Otherwise you are going to suffer in the long run. Finding the most profitable niche is the most important steps to reaching your goal. It defines the fate of your business. Having one specific niche is extremely important, when it comes to monetization of your website. This will make the difference between a failure and success of your niche blog.

Choosing a profitable niche requires a good research and forethought. To help you choosing most profitable niche, we have create the step-by-step guide which will help you to reach your goal.

Start with the Idea that You Know

You should start by making a list of all of the topics that you have intimate knowledge of. You can start with by drawing on past work experience, your life experience and topics from the area around where you live.

Here is a list:

  1. Working from home
  2. Doing online marketing
  3. Homeschooling
  4. Dentistry
  5. Budget weddings

You don’t need to an expert in a certain area to be able to write about it. If you are familiar with a niche market, you can include that one on your list. Just go for the general details that you think will work for you. No need to write on a topic like an expert will do. Your readers don’t need an exert explanation. They need to know if anyone knows the real live experience with that specific thing.

Fit Your Interest

You should try to adjust to fit your interest. Let’s adjust your list above. Past work or life experience has given you a bit of material to work with. Find out in those area, how many of those subjects are things that you’re really interested in? For example I have added Doing Online Marketing because this was part of my past work experience. Do you think I am really interested in online marketing? Not really, working from home.

You are going to be spending a lot of time to establish this niche. You are going to be reading, writing, talking about and investing to this topic of niche for as many hours you work on each week. So you need to go back to your list and omit some of the things that you are not interested in.

Now let’s add some new to the list

  1. Working from home
  2. Travel
  3. Fiction writing
  4. Reading
  5. Games

Your list may go longer or even shorter than me. But I like to keep it simple. Now let’s narrow down our list price by piece.

Narrowing Niche

A narrow field version helps you to be more focused interested in those topics. Narrowing the niche brings you more closely to your readers and visitors who are really interested in what you have to say. This also helps you to find out the appropriate affiliate products to promote your niche website.

Let’s take a careful look at your list, and see if we can make the list more specific. For Example of the topic above was playing games. I might make that more specific by adding “first-person shooter video game”, “open world game” etc. This are the topics that I am interested in. And all fit to my original niche interest. Like this I would like you to take all the items on your list, and see how many specific niches you can make from that list.

Finding Passion or Problems

Prospective audiences is the lifeblood of niche website. If you see that an audience is to speak to, then congratulation you have won the half battle of a profitable niche. Passion and problems are the two biggest motivators for people to research information online. Hobbies and things that people do for fun are the passion niche. Problem niche include self-help, fitness, health etc. This two ideas are to cross over each other.

For example a person who is passionate about gaming will research different games online, purchase games, and gaming accessories. That same person may face problems relating to configuration of games or have product issue, and searching for a solution to fix that. For this he will gain turn to the internet.

So, it’s time to narrow down you niche list and find out which one has passion or problems or both. By this way you’re starting to find the proper audience and their voice. Your personal experience is extremely helpful, but let’s go beyond that. You need to find out what exactly people are asking about this subject online? What are they want and looking for? Will you be able to create a website that will help this people?

This tells me a little bit about my audience and about what they want to know. You need to do this with multiple keywords in your niche. By time you will see reoccurring ideas that inform you about your target audience and visitor.

Another way to find out passions or problems is to answer people’s questions in websites like Answer the Public. This website or resource will provide you with tons of information that you need for your niche site. It also helps to find out long-tail keyword searches which is extremely helpful for you.

Finding what is selling

To make niche truly profitable, it has to have something that you can sell and earn a something good from it. Niche websites makes money from different ways. Among these Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest. If you are decided to become an affiliate marketer, you need to have a product which you can market and people are looking for it. Niches have both physical and digital products to sell. So let’s see what is available in your niche list above. Let’s check biggest Affiliate Networks to see what products are available to sell. And above all which products are selling most. For this I always like to start with sells almost all the products that you might want to sell and also one of the biggest Affiliate Market So check to find out how many products are available in your field. I have talked about Games above, so let’s check as one of my niche ideas. Let’s test it on

For games, gaming consoles are huge popular now-a-days. So I searched for “gaming console” on And here is the result.

Finding what is selling

You need to see the amount of products that are available on Let’s consider this is one type of product that I could promote in my niche, this is pretty great number. Now let’s see if this products are actually selling or not!

Finding what is selling-weebros

This single product has thousands of reviews, which means thousands of people already purchased this product. As I scrolled through the website, I’ve seen many items have hundreds or thousands of reviews. That means this could be a very profitable niche. Depending on what your niche is, you can join many different affiliate programs. If you ask me which programs I will be doing with my niche, well, there are plenty. But among these, ClickBank, Amazon, CJ Affiliates are the first in the list. This programs provides high level of affiliate features and a very good dashboard. You will be able to see commission, prices and many more things.

Don’t Forget Search Volume

Another way to find out if your niche is profitable or not is to check the search volume of your niche idea. You need to check how many searches are being done for this niche per month or so. Search volume is one of the reason to be successful in niche business. You will have detailed about the search of your niche and how you niche going to perform.

Finding Keywords

To target the right audience, finding the keywords for your niche is essential. This is one of the ultimate way to become successful in your niche business. We can broke down your niche keywords in two different ways, in short or long-tail. Now we need to see if this keywords are actually getting searched on search engines or not. One of our favorite is the Keyword Everywhere browser extension. This extension goes directly into your browser and shows you the amount to search per month of every search query you do. It also shows us each volume for each long-tail keyword in Answer the Public tool we discussed above.

Another great tool you can use is Google Trends. This free tool from Google allows you to see graphs of search volume over specific periods of time, where you can also narrow down the area of searches if your audience is coming from a specific part of the world. Another great option this tool gives that is you can compare between two different search queries, testing the popularity over time of both.

Activity on Social Media

To make sure that your niche is actually profitable let deep drive into more research. Find out if you niche idea had valid activity on social media. Making sure your niche is active on social media lads your business to success. That’s why this step is important, it validates potential online audience. Let’s find out where people gather to discuss about related topics to you niche idea.

Facebook groups is a most important place to find out about you niche discussion. Quora is also another best place to find out about it. You will see that thousands of people are asking for thousands of questions answers. And there are some great people who are giving the best answers and very much valuable information. Try to look through this things. It will lead you to successful niche website.

Don’t forget to compare the competition

Don’t think that you are the only one thinking about this specific niche idea. There are people and companies who are also working on it. So the competition is huge. Remember no niche is completely new. And you also don’t want it to be. The more competition the more you will work hard and will see the success. Remember that we want a niche which is profitable. We hope using the steps above you will be able to find a quite a bit of search volume.

If you don’t find any niche websites that talk about your niche idea, it means one of two things: either there are not audience for that, or that niche is not selling that much good online. This two can be deadly curse for your niche idea. So find out your competition by simply searching on Google. Of course the other side of the spectrum is also dangerous. Never go for any over populated niche idea. You will be lost among this huge crowd. So be careful while selecting a niche idea.

Idea should be different of better

Your niche idea has to be different than other existing niche websites. Or atleast it needs to be better than the existing websites. Research on the existing websites and find out what they are missing to talk about or did not talk about at all. Take that opportunity and talk about that. This can be a breakthrough point to become successful.


You has to have very good marketing skills to promote your niche website. It’s really hard to drive traffic to the site without a good marketing. People need to know that you are giving good service. If people don’t know you are sitting there with good contents who they will be helpful for you? So improve your marketing skills through social media, YouTube videos or even paid marketing if needed.

Here is some point on how you can improve marketing.

By Email list -> build a good email list and let people know what you are offering.

SEO -> Make your contents optimize for SEO. Write SEO friendly contents.

Make post visually appealing -> Add relevant images, make a good format of your writing and do an appealing design.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s you who will be making money from your hard work. So before making a niche site, try to follow the steps that we have talked about today. Do a test run test. Setup an email capture form, and some initial emails. Try to promote your website through different channels. Let people know you are out there.

Profitable niche can earn a steady income for years. By time you will see the fruitage of your hard work. All of the steps above to help you and to make sure that your niche site becomes successful. Success is not guaranteed but I believe that if you work hard in a smart way, success is guaranteed for sure.

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