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How to build an affiliate website at best possible low cost: as a beginner

So you are thinking to establish an affiliate business and need website to get started. Here is the list of products that you need to start. We use this products for out affiliate business. Today I will discuss about two types of products that you need. One will be for starting for the first time and second will be for the professional business online. You will find many products to get started, but some of them going to be a waste of money. So you need to think it before you are going to buy something. It’s hard to tell which one is going to be worth of money and time and which one is not. Don’t go with anything that you don’t know will be worth of paying. Follow the list that I am providing, it will help you not to be disappointed.

Domain Name

Domain name is the soul of your business. A good SEO friendly domain name will take your business to the next level. Try to find a domain name that express your business. I would recommend going for the old domain name. Don’t worry there is always domain names that you will easily find. If you want to buy an old SEO friendly domain then you can find a suitable domain name on website like Or if you want to buy a new one which matches your taste then just buy it from any hosting companies like Namecheap, GoDaddy or Bluehost. We always use Namecheap for buying domain name. A domain will cost you around $11 in total.

Add SSL to domain name

It’s always good to have an extra layer of security to your site. Stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is good for SEO and Google really likes it. Also you will have the trust of your visitors. NameCheap provides 1 year free SSL with new hosting and domain.

Chose a Good Hosting Company

I always say that your hosting company is the most important priority when you are thinking to establish a website. We have used many hosting company for our business and still using some of them. GoDaddy, Bluehost, iPage, Hostgator etc. are all the way best for hosting company and also for the price. We use GoDaddy for our business but most of our websites are hosted on Bluehost and Namecheap. Because we found that for a website that doing affiliate business,Bluehost and Namecheap is best for cheap price and a great fast website. And the main reason we like Bluehost and Namecheap Hosting is because of their support team.

Bluehost  and Namecheap support team is mind blowing, very cooperative with the users and provides almost all kinds of help. What you need to do is ask them. Don’t hesitate to ask, telling you they are sitting there just to provide you help. Rest depends on you which one you would like to go with.A hosting may cost you from $1 to $10 a month depending what types of hosting you are taking. If you ask me which one to take for a beginner website, I will tell to go for the shared hosting which is low at cost but does your work.

Which Platform to choose?

Well, you are going to start your website for the first time and I guess you are not a website developer as well and don’t have that much money to pay a developer! Here is the solution, you can use the CMS (Content Management Systems) based web applications which are free to use. Here is the list of the best of them

  1. WordPress -> completely free
  2. Joomla – > Free
  3. Drupal – > Free
  4. Magento – > Free
  5. Blogger -> Free
  6. Shopify -> Subscription based

You can go for any of this. But if you ask me as a newbie which one is best to take. Off course wordpress. You will find almost all the plugins are free and has a tons of free themes/templates as well. And most important, it’s supper easy to use and top at popularity. You will find tons of YouTube videos how to use wordpress.

Get a simple but professional theme

I am assuming you are using wordpress for your website. So I am going to give some good theme suggestions here which you can buy at good price and will go your job.

  1. X | The Theme: I personally is fond of this this theme. X theme has great options to customize your website and much more easy to build a great website. And the price is not that much compare to other themes. You can buy this theme at $59 from If you want to read the theme review then you can use this website which is have a YouTube video tutorial on how you can make a website with X theme within an hour. Here are the links

X | The Theme -> From

X | The Theme -> Full Review of the theme

YouTube Tutorial -> Coming Soon… 

  1. Avada: Avada is a very powerful theme and has a great customizable options. The theme is very fast and the support team is great. You can buy the theme form The theme price is $60.If you want to read the theme review then you can use this website which is I will be making a YouTube video for this one as well. Will update the post when it’s done. Here are the links

Avada -> From

Avada -> Full Theme Review

YouTube Tutorial -> Coming Soon…

  1. Using free themes: There is always something that is free. You have the option to use tons of free themes from If you are not satisfied from there go to and find a suitable free theme for your blog.

Making a Good Logo

A good logo is as important as your website domain name. It represents your website meaning in one single picture. I am not telling you’re to make a fancy looking logo. Try to keep it simple but professional looking. Give the tagline underneath the logo so it looks more meaning full. For the cost, just go to and spend $5-$20, I can assure you that you will have a good logo.

Use Stock Images or copyright free Images

When it comes to take about copyright things, we need to be careful. Never use any images from Google which has copyrights to it or comes from another website or post. Try to use subscription based websites where you can get tons of images on a monthly cost. For example use A great website to take thousands of photos. Just became a monthly or a limited download member there. As far I know their subscription cost is not that much.

Here is the Table of cost.

Name of the Product Cost Where to get
Domain $11 with SSL Bluehost or Namecheap
Hosting $24.88 per year Bluehost or Namecheap
Theme $60
Logo $10
Stock Images $9 per month
Total = $114.88

Well, here we are with only $114.88 just to make a website with full plan. It can be more less if you are an extra smart or you can checkout our website development planes here.We offer best lowest price,contact with us to get the price. So we have completed making our affiliate website, now it’s time to get started with the articles. Let me know if you have a better plan in the comment box. I also need some inspiration. Best of luck.

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