How To Add Payment Method On Fiverr

In fiverr adding payment methods is very easy.You will see there are three options to add your payment methods.In the Billing section, you can add a payment method, view your balance, add a team, view your team balance, and add your billing information. You can also set monthly limits, which gives you visibility and control over payments made with your card.

To add a payment method:

  1. Click Add a Credit Card.
  2. Enter your credit card details, and then click Add Card.
  3. If you would like to set a monthly limit, you can click Monthly Limit to enable it. Monthly limits are for calendar months, and apply to all payments made on Fiverr.

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To enter in your billing information:
  1. Fill out your company name, your full name, country, address, and your VAT ID number, if relevant.
  2. To receive invoices by email, click to enable the send invoices feature.Note: Invoices will be sent to the account owner.
  3. Click Save Billing Information.

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