Compound Bow : Bear Archery Cruzer

Its compact size is perfect for use in smaller spaces, and it can also be comfortably held by shorter archers. Since the draw weight and length is adjustable, the Cruzer can easily grow with the user. While this compound bow package is priced slightly higher than similar models, it is well worth the added expense when you consider it comes with everything you need to start hunting.

Bear Archery Cruzer : Build

You will appreciate knowing this bow comes fully assembled so you can start using it right out of the box. It features a durable construction that is designed to last through years of hunting, while also providing you with a smooth and consistent performance. The bow comes with quad styled limbs for a release that is smooth and free from vibrations. The riser is constructed from machined lightweight aluminum, and it includes a target style grip that fits comfortably in your hands.

The limb pockets help to improve accuracy, while also adding strength for heavier draws. This compound bow is also built for comfort, and its lightweight 3.6 pound construction is easy to carry with the rest of your gear.

Bear Archery Cruzer : Design

One of the advantages of this compound bow is its compact and versatile design. The smaller size makes it ideal for shorter archers and for use in tight blinds. While it is often shown with a camouflage pattern that is perfect for hunters, you can also choose from a variety of fashionable colors to create a bow that looks like it was designed specifically for you. While the compact size is convenient, it can make the bow impractical and uncomfortable to use for target practice or tournament shooting.

Not only can you choose the color and pattern for the limbs, the bow can also be adjusted to fit almost any size archer at most skill levels. The draw weight can be easily adjusted from 5 lbs to 70 lbs and the range changed from 12 inches up to 30″. With a maximum speed of 310 feet per second, you can easily use this compound bow on your next hunting trip. The Cruzer also comes with a 6.5 brace which is always an advantage for beginners just starting to practice their aim. You also have the benefit of the 75 percent let off, which makes it easy to draw and hold your aim for extended periods of time.

Bear Archery Cruzer : Features

The Cruzer is designed to deliver a consistently smooth performance, and it features Bear Archery’s double cam system. The cams help to ensure an accurate shot, while also providing a smooth and easy draw cycle. It should be mentioned that even though this bow is intended for use by beginners, the shorter brace is not as forgiving as other models. The Cruzer is an excellent choice for novices practicing their aim and hunters that simply want a shorter bow out in the field.

The bow is capable of generating enough kinetic energy to make accurate and humane “killing” shots, it also includes everything you need to start hunting. It features a lighted and peep site, along with an arrow quiver and stabilizer that will help minimize noise and vibration. While this compound bow package might not be as fast or powerful as some of the other products manufactured by Bear, it is an excellent choice for any hunter that prefers a smaller bow.

Bear Archery Cruzer : Noise & Vibrations

Measuring a full 32 inches and weighing only 3.6 pounds, you will love how easy this bow is to carry. What is truly amazing about this bow, is its lightweight construction and almost silent design. Unlike some compound bows which can be uncomfortably heavy with a stabilizer or dampener, the Cruzer has taken care of this problem with its unique and effective design.

The preloaded styled limbs help to reduce the amount of vibrations felt during the draw, and the double cam system ensures that release is smooth and quiet. To ensure your prey doesn’t hear a sound the Cruzer also features a string suppressor and stabilizer. Without the creaking and other small noises that are common with compound bows, you can easily sneak up of your prey and release an arrow before the game bounds away. You also have the advantage of the included sling with this package so you can learn to shoot opened handed to eliminate noisy recoil.

Bear Archery CruzerBenefits

  • String suppressor and stabilizer are included for a smooth and quiet performance.
  • Constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum, this compound bow is designed to last for years.
  • The Bear Archery Cruzer Package includes everything you need to start hunting right out of the box.

Bear Archery Cruzer :Mentions

While this compound bow does have a maximum speed of 310 feet per second, it may not be fast enough for some professional archers.

Bear Archery Cruzer : Summary

If you need a smaller bow for younger archers or to successfully and comfortably hunt in confined spaces the Cruzer from Bear Archery might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a durable and lightweight construction that is easy to carry, and Bear’s double cam system that ensures smooth and accurate shots.

Capable of firing arrows up to 310 feet per second this might not be the faster compound bow on the market, but it is capable of humanely taking down large and small game.

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