What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Let’s Drive Deeper and Discover About It.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence (AI) is knowledge shown by machines; in recognize to the characteristic insight showed by people and different creatures, like animals. It is a zone of software engineering that stresses [...]

How To Deactivate Messenger Account After Deactivating Facebook Account

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The modern messenger app does not really deactivate after you have deactivated your facebook account.You have to do it manually.Or you can do it at the time they ask also to deactivate messenger,when you are [...]

How To Move Or Create a Copy of Your WordPress Website

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Creating New Folder Moving or copying wordpress website to a new location,you need to create a whole new directory.You can always do this by using the File Manager tool in you cpanel or you can [...]

How To Backup Mysql Database Using Cpanel

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In this tutorial I'm going to talk about the backup process of Mysql database and how you can restore the backuped up database.Let's start. Follow the steps bellow to back up the database. Go to [...]