How Can You Repair Your Own Laptop : The Compete Laptop Repair Guide

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01 All about Laptop repair Knowing something about laptop repair can really be essential. When you own a laptop, and have used it for some time, it is always possible that something may go wrong [...]

How To Move Or Create a Copy of Your WordPress Website

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Creating New Folder Moving or copying wordpress website to a new location,you need to create a whole new directory.You can always do this by using the File Manager tool in you cpanel or you can [...]

How To Backup Mysql Database Using Cpanel

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In this tutorial I'm going to talk about the backup process of Mysql database and how you can restore the backuped up database.Let's start. Follow the steps bellow to back up the database. Go to [...]

How to Install WordPress Plugins

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Plugins are the utilities that provides additional functionality to wordpress applications.To install the wordpress plugins you just need to put the plugin files to the wordpress folder wp-admin/plugins.After you have moved the plugin files to [...]

How To Take Screenshot in Windows Computer

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It might sound silly that how on earth do you take screenshot on windows computer or laptop? Don’t worry its ok not to know something.There are several ways that you can take screenshot in windows [...]