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Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad


The major advantage of this flash drive versus most others (including the previous generation of Sandisk iXpand) is that this drive is formatted in ExFAT, not FAT32. This means that you can save files larger than 4GB on this drive - if you have high-quality movie files (>4GB in size), this is essential. The specs ...

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WD Black 256GB SSD

WD Black 256GB SSD


This drive is insanely fast! It's much faster than my Crucial MX300 M.2 and my Crucial Sata SSD. This drives speed depends heavily on the quality of your cpu! If you plan to use multiple M.2's and SSD's in your rig. Be sure that your cpu has enough pcie lanes for this SSD to operate at or above it's advertised ...

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