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How to Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the utilities that provides additional functionality to wordpress applications.To install the wordpress plugins you just need to put the plugin files to the wordpress folder wp-admin/plugins.After you have moved the plugin files to that folder you may want to activate it from the wordpress dashboard by going to Plugins menu and find the […]

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How To Take Screenshot in Windows Computer

It might sound silly that how on earth do you take screenshot on windows computer or laptop? Don’t worry its ok not to know something.There are several ways that you can take screenshot in windows computer or laptop.Just follow the bellow steps and you’ll find out how to do this. Step – 1 : Using […]

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How to install Windows 10 on Computer from Start

I know many of us afraid of installing windows. Some people thinks that if they try to install windows they might break their windows or something will go bad or things will not work properly. I even found some people who actually pay for installing widows in their machine. Because they are too afraid to […]

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How to Install And Configure Woocommerce in WordPress

We all know that for developing ecommerce website on wordpress we need a plugin that support ecommerce functionality. Well for wordpress we have one which is called woocomerce.Today I’m going to tell you how you can install it and configure it in wordpress.Let’s start. Follow the steps and you will be good to go. Log […]

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How To Add Simple Products On Woocommerce in WordPress

Let’s talk about on how you easily can add simple products on woocommerce.Follow the bellow steps and you will be fine to add products. Go to woocmommerce and the products and click on “Add New”.You will be then presented with the add product page. In this page at the top you can see that says […]

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How To Find The Perfect Pocket Knife For Your Use!

In this post I’ve talked about on how you can find a pocket knife that you are going to use for a long time.Knives are essential material for those who often goes for hiking or camping outside.Let’s have a detailed discussion on how you can find a perfect knife.If you are a person who rarely […]

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How To Install WordPress on Windows 7,8 or 10 computer

Today I’m going to give you the complete guide to install wordpress in your windows 7, 8, or 10 computer. The beginners who want to practice wordpress or a developer who like to do the project on his/her machine then handover it to client, this tutorial is for them. If anyone just want to pay […]

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How To Install WordPress In Cpanel

Let’s give you the complete guide on how you can install wordpress in any capnel.Let’s start. Follow the steps bellow and you will be good to go. Login to your cpanel account using the domain name like Enter your cpanel username and password. While you are logged in your cpanel navigate the section where […]

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How To Make Subdomain on Godady Cpanel

Let’s talk about on how you can create a subdomain on Godady cpanel.First you need to have an account on Godady which provides you a domain and a hosting account.I guess you already have these that’s why you are here! Follow these steps to make subdomain Goto your web browser like Google Chrome,Opera,Firefox,Safari or IE.Type […]

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