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A Simple note on Basic SEO

Well almost everyone on the Internet knows what SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” which helps your page or websites to rank higher in different search engines. It may sound short in name or you may think what the big deal about SEO is! In that case, let me tell you it’s not that easy you think it is. In a more practical sense, it means that you have to do a lot of unexpected works in order to get a good rank in Google. SEO is a big deal since Google traffic often amounts to over 80% of websites traffic. What’s crazy right? And this is 100% true.

If you search online a bit you will find that SEO is the main topic in hundreds of books, conferences, and tests. Here is what you should know about SEO in short. Let’s begin.

Catchy Post Title!

Yes as I always say that the title is the heart of any article or the post. Your post title needs to be catchy but also needs to clearly explain to Google what the post is all about and what types of information it gets from the articles. It helps Google to find out your article fast when some users are searching about that topic. Similarly, you can also add a metadata description tags that describe the post. Make sure you are using keywords in the sentence.

First Sentences

Be careful when you chose the first 3 sentences in the article. This sentence has to be more relevant to topic name. Because Google hunts through those sentences very carefully to see if you are writing about the same thing that your title claims to be. Google does this to prevent SPAM (irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet.)

Length does matter

The overall length of your article has a big effect on Google. Generally, articles or post under 600 hundred words or less does not go well with Google. When Google sees a short article less than 600 words, it assumes that the article or post is not good enough for an authoritative source of information on that particular topic. So it takes down the reach of that post.

Well, I must also admit that this not true in for every blogger. Some bloggers find that short blogs post do well. But in my case when I look into my blog posts, I see that the long and meaningful articles are doing great on search results. And those articles have an average of 1300 hundred words! Your experience may vary but my experience says length does matter in case of SEO.

Links in the website

Links are the king in Google SEO search. The more your website has links to the more Google loves your site. Links to the website and to any specific page are the number one priority in ranking a website or posts or even a page. When you are going to post an article link it to from your personal blog or from your social media pages or even from your friends’ website. Whatever you do just link.

Linking to other websites!

All the search engine like to see what you link to another authoritative article on another website as more source of information or something like that. Always try to link to a higher website than yours. This helps Google to know what your website or article is about and that your article is as important as those other good websites. You can place 3 to 5 other good websites links to your website or post which is pretty much standard or general rule.

What about Image SEO?

Well for obvious reason Google can’t see images. So what you do to make the image of your post SEO friendly is you put alt tag in the images metadata section or input box. Like WordPress has the input box for metadata information which describes the picture. This can be the important place to put some good SEO friendly keywords.

Final Thoughts

Start fresh. Plagiarizing free pure new contents is what Google loves most. This is the reason we are more powerful when writing as a team. Our individual sites may not get traffic because is insufficient contents. But our sites where we work together, are most likely to get huge traffic because of great and different contents and writing styles. Time is the toughest part when it comes about the new website. Google does not really trust a website because you have not proven worth to it. Generally, Google takes 6 months’ time to trust a website and to open the gate of real traffic to the new site. Till then you need to be patient.

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